Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fake Neutrality Rules!

FCC Approves Compromise for “Fake” Net Neutrality Rules

This doesn't need to be difficult, but law makers have a way of turning something that should be fairly straight forward into a tangled mess. Take managed services for example; what would it take for broadband provider to turn your account into a managed or specialized service? Say you have a popular blog or website that generates a lot of traffic. Or you consume a ton of bandwidth because you stream movies, does this become a specialized service. It's so vague, I think everything could become a specialized service. I don't think broadband providers should be content providers, the content is going to become specialized and we're going to pay a whole lot more. It doesn't need to be difficult, net neutrality should be just that.....neutral.
Amplifyd from www.pcworld.com
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission, in a historic vote Tuesday, approved network neutrality rules prohibiting broadband providers from blocking customer access to legal Web content, but many consumer groups decried the new regulations as weak and full of loopholes.
The rules create a handful of exceptions for mobile broadband. The FCC will not prohibit mobile carriers from unreasonable discrimination, with commissioners instead saying they will watch the industry for evidence of problems. The rules will prohibit mobile providers from blocking voice and other applications that compete with their services, but will not prohibit them from blocking other applications.
The new rules also exempt specialized, or managed, services offered by broadband providers from the rules. The FCC will monitor specialized services for signs that they are hurting the public Internet, FCC staff members said.
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