Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Republicans Declare War on FCC Net Neutrality Rules

When it come's to service, price & speed, you would think that the United States would be at the top of the heap? We're not. Other countries out preform us in so may area's when it comes to broadband, especially wireless broadband. All of our wireless providers are starting to brag-up their new 4G service's, and how much faster they are. Who the hell cares when your "unlimited service' caps you out at 5GB a month. Blow through your limit in a week with your new 4G service so your provider can charge you for going over your limit. Oh..but wait, if you choose to use other services beside's Google or Facebook, who can afford to pay the carriers new fee's, maybe you won't blow through your cap because everybody else will be throttled back because they didn't pay up. You know what, we do sit on top of a just happens to be a big steaming heap!
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The Federal Communications Commission may have a fight on its hands early next year as a result of the regulatory board's approval of new network neutrality rules. Republican lawmakers are not happy about the FCC's new rules. The decision has inspired incoming committee chairs in the new Republican-controlled House of Representatives, senior Republican senators and others to declare war against what they see as further government intrusion into private life.
The second rule says that broadband providers cannot block "lawful content, apps, services, and the connection of devices to the network." Wireless broadband carriers, meanwhile, may block services they deem appropriate as long as the carrier doesn't offer a competing service.
The new rules also discourage, but don't disallow, paid prioritization, a euphemism for a scheme where broadband providers could shake down Web services such as Google and Facebook to pay for the right to have their traffic delivered faster to your home than other online services.

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