Friday, December 31, 2010

Keith Olbermann: 'Fox News Is 100% Bullshit' --And I couldn't agree more!

I went to my parent's house a few weeks ago and found them in the living-room watching Fox News, actually watching the Glenn Beck show. I asked "You guy's watch Fox News", horrified to hear the answer...yes. I turned down the volume on the TV and asked if they watched any other network news programs. And too my disbelief, they said no. I've known my parents to be republicans for many years, and very moderate at that. More liberal on social issues and more conservative on financial issues. We haven't really sat down and talked politics for some time and I was curious to see where they stood on many of the issues. I got sick to my stomach the longer I talked to them. Some of the issues where they were once more moderate or even liberal on, were not important too them anymore, or they've taken a hard right stance. And when I pressed them about those issues, they started using words like "socialist", "intrusive", "elitist", "liberal", "big government". It was scary. Too watch two people I love very much, easily be swayed by stories that are not true, or are filled with 1/2 truths, or worst of all, not being told about real news stories because it doesn't fit into the Fox agenda. Fox News is 100% Bullshit. It's okay if you have a preference, maybe want to promote the wrong (other) side. But do it honestly, with integrity. You can say many things about Keith Olbermann, you may not like his views, or which side of the aisle he stands on. And he makes it no secret where he stands. But he does not lie, or make up stories, or tell half truth's to get people onto his side. He tells it as it is, as he see's it...not how he want's you to see it. That's the scary thing about Fox News, and why I told my parents to PLEASE get their news from many sources, and not to rely on just one, Fox News. This way, they're sure to get the whole story, not just the parts that Fox News wants them to have. It is important to get your news from many sources. It makes me feel more rounded.

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Keith Olbermann is anything but hesitant when it comes to a battle with Fox News, and the MSNBC anchor took to Twitter Wednesday to share his views on the TV network he probably wouldn't even call a rival.

"Fox News is 100% bullshit," Olbermann tweeted several times Wednesday.

Olbermann also specifically directed comments at his 8PM competitor, Fox News' Bill O'Reilly.

"I don't have as much hate or as many lies in me as O'Reilly," he tweeted.

One Twitter user, William R. Dickson, tweeted back at Olbermann with the following, which he retweeted to his 169,000-plus followers:

"Surely not 100%. Surely it is a rich blend of manure from a wide variety of farm animals."


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