Saturday, January 1, 2011

Divided we stand, divided we fall. What exactly is compromise?

I hate that our country seems to be so polarized.  To the point that conversation has ended.  I have a clear understanding of where I stand, which is on the left, and I love to debate the issue's.  I also like to listen to people who have a different take on things than I.  I want to understand.  In understanding, I can better debate and explain my beliefs, while trying to interpret theirs.

In conversation, even heated conversation, it creates a dialog where things can only move forward, albeit, very slowly, but at least forward.  When we dig our heels in and refuse to listen, we start to criticize and demonize and even hate the other side.  We eliminate any chance of compromise.

I do it's so easy to stop conversing, listening and even hating.  We become disappointed, angry, or feel disenfranchised. Then all we do is talk over and through each other, not to each other.

Has it always been this way in politics?  I can't remember too much before the Clinton White House. (This is also the time I started to have a real passion for politics).  But to me, this is the time it seems, when the real divide became?  It's the first time that I noticed or felt, real hate in politics.  I'm sure it's always been there, but this hate seems to have eliminated any conversation, any debate, any compromise.  With this much hate and discourse, why would anybody want to get involved in politics?  Really though, the only way into politics is if your a multi-millionaire. So maybe it's more like a power-thing than it is a compromise thing and we're all screwed!

I think we all need to listen more.  We may not like what we hear, but I do learn when I listen.  I believe if we listen more, we'll converse more, move forward more.  Maybe meet somewhere near the middle?  And that can't be a bad thing for compromise.

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